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dArama - ISSUE ONE - Love.
The dynamic between core staff, volunteer staff, and the community can at times be pure quality dArama.
It's worth noting that for years I've worked pretty hard to remain neutral on community politics. Today, I'm going to shatter that concept.
Needless to say, I am extremely politically aware of the inner workings of the deviantART community. I read *a lot* of journals, comments, forums, chat rooms. I have fake accounts. I spy.
But I don't spend my time talking politics, instead I focus internally at deviantART designing technologies and implementing understandings with core staff to address the issues I see pop up.
It's time to take a moment to be a bit more petty.
The Structure
In the inner workings of our politics exists the soul of deviantART. What is this place? What was it meant to do? What does it do? What could we do better? And it's the politics that give insight into how well the greater plan is running.
There's $core staff who are employees or contractors and work 8+
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Second Life Photographer
United States
Current Residence: Lost Angels, Pacifica
Favourite genre of music: Loud.
Favourite photographer: Herb Rittz
Operating System: Sleep Deprivation 7.0
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Personal Quote: "Diamonds are forever.. and ever.. and ever..."
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Yeah, I been quiet lately.

The two deviations I've just submitted are older pieces, done sometime in the last month and a half but not exactly -recently- in relation to how often I normally turn out work. I've done some other pieces but not really anything worth posting here.

Creatively speaking, I've been in something of a dry spell. I'm slowly dragging myself out of it, stomping and throwing things all the way. The problem isn't so much a lack of ideas as it is the Noise.

Anybody else out there have that? This constant noise I hear, it's in my head. It's not voices, don't go thinking I'm crazy or anything (Again.) but it is my thoughts. They race, they scream, they will not shut up for anything. They will not leave me in peace. They make it hard to hear my muse, wherever she is calling from. There have been times I wondered if she isn't calling at all, if she is just... out to lunch. Maybe permanently. Of course we all worry about that, don't we. As artists, I think our worst Big Fear is that one day we won't be able to do this anymore, that what drives us will suddenly break down and never run again. Maybe I'm the only one that fears that, and I kind of hope that's the case for everyone. Besides, I fear it enough for us all.

Jesus died for your sins, but I FEAR FOR YOUR ART. That makes me about as cool, right?

Anyway, the other half of my quiet (lack of comments, checking deviations, etc) has to do with my subscription running out and due to various outside costs (okay, I'll say it: Mother's Day is a BITCH on a normally rigid budget, especially when your mom is as totally fab-tastic as mine is and deserves the very best) there just wasn't the extra flow to renew. But it has been handled, and I'm back in action on that front. So if you're wondering, "why did she just +fav that now, I posted it weeks ago and don't even like it anymore", that's why. Browsing deviations without thumbnails is a much larger chore than it should be, especially when they've crept up into the hundreds.

Also, on the suggestion of our very own lydibugg, whose journal is always WAY prettier than anyone else's, I've signed up for a free trial on and if you haven't been there, you must go. It's a very very cool and spiffy website service for all of us. Totally reasonable costs (I've spent as much for a year on a website I actually DID have to build myself, which is a tedious chore that I hate doing and thus explains why I never actually do it) and very personable customer service. I sent in a question I had concerning the ToS and got a reply back in no time, very polite and informative and when I answered back to follow up with another question, it actually got to the person in question and didn't just bounce into some lame catch-all mailbox. Once I've set up my site so it's as pretty as I like it (surely not as pretty as Lydia's journals, or anything else that brilliant flower produces), I'll pay for the service and get my domain name. I'm putting up a poll to help me decide what to use. Maybe y'all could weigh in on that, let me know what you think. I hate making decisions like this. Ask me to sell for someone else, I gotcha covered. Ask me to sell myself, I stand at the cross in the road and agonize.

So that's all the news that is news. I'll close this with a few thumbnails of pieces that have inspired me lately, pretty things that give me ideas, which I dutifully slip into my muse's inbox for whenever she gets back from her holiday. I hope I get some warning before she does, I've eaten all her gummi bears.

Commission: Aurora Chase by DaggerPoint  :thumb86505206:  

Mature Content

Dancing in the rain by BlueB0y

:thumb76836760:   Fiction: Colored by DaggerPoint  :thumb82146687:


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I've been so busy! Work has kept me running ragged and if it's not that, it's life. Crazysauce!
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